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LAREEZE – Hans ist jetzt bei mir…

Lareeze is currently an 11 year old artist that has a very memorizing way of performing, featuring an unbelievable voice that matches the young Amy Winehouse.


Her repertoire ranges from covers of Amy, Cyndi Lauper, Annie Lennox to Imagine Dragons and Cobie Caillat. She performs Rhythm and Blues, Pop and TOP 100 songs  at the same time as well as Gershwin standards.

She has a professional Team behind her that trains daily in voice, dance and instruments to prepare her for the time to come once she enters into the international music market.

Her US based Management Company , Yme Entertainment , in combination with the guidance of her parents, has outstanding experience in setting careers for young artists.

Austrian native Young “Super Talent” with Thai heritage

  • Performs well known Covers and own songs in her own unique voice
  • Already won several prestigious “Newcomer awards”
  • Her features are Voice , Piano, Guitar and Saxophone


  • has her own 60 minutes show that she performs on a regular base
  • Red Bull Air Race , 45.000 spectators
  • performed already with several Mayor International Artists